Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Injured Reserve Week 2

The second week back showed promise. It proved to be an exciting week. I went to the Redskins game on Monday night with my father. Though the Skins lost, we still had a great time...until we realized someone towed the car. Delaying our return to Richmond by about 2 extra hours, we finally got a cab, got to the impound lot, recovered the car and made it home by 3:10 am. I snuck in about 2 hours sleep before Rachel and I took turns going to vote in the biggest Presidential election ever. I had already taken the time off of work, so I plodded through the rest of the day with the family, trying not to look as I tired as I felt.

Back to work on Wednesday and things seemed a bit easier. I held meetings with my new department and put together an agenda for the next few weeks. I updated myself on my regular duties and suddenly found myself fully engaged for the first time.

The highlight of the week was my first cardio rehab appointment. Jonesing for some actual exercise, I impatiently awaited through every hour, minute and second until I finally hit the treadmill.

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