Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rehab - Day 2

When I arrived on Monday, Ed immediately ushered me over to get my workout card and to get my monitor on. He had to remind me of how the monitor goes down on this side up on the other side. Eventually, I won't have to wear the monitor. But for now, it's standard issue.

The workout this time was different. 18 minutes on the treadmill walking at 4 mph and 4% grade. 8 minutes on the rowing machine. 10 minutes on the bike for legs. 4 minutes on the bike for arms. 2 minutes on the Monark. My assessment level was 11 - fairly light workout.

The stress test is next Monday. So I'll have rehab 2 more times with a lighter workout and, pending the results of the stress test, will begin more intense workouts next week.

During this visit, I took a closer look around at the other patients. I spoke to a few of them. I am the youngest by far but the stories don't differ that much. I spoke to one gentleman during his 22nd visit. He told me he recently got out of the hospital for more complications and was glad to be back in rehab. He survived throat cancer 2 years ago and now works harder than anyone in the room 3 days a week to make himself better. Another gentleman could barely ride the bike for 2 minutes when he started. That was 50+ visits ago. Today he claims he reached a new milestone. His muscles tired-out before his heart. A tremendous feat considering.

Others in the room do their thing and keep to themselves. They seem to appreciate the quiet alone time during which they are solely focused on them. I believe some of these people will be my friends before my 12 weeks end.

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