Friday, January 16, 2009

Wrapping it up

I'm in the last 10 prescribed rehab visits. The workout is quite routine. Treadmill for 25, leg bike for 10, rower for 10 and the weights. As I work my way towards my final visit, I'm focusing on outdoor running over the weekend and better eating and continued weight loss. Today, though, Pat asked me when I'm going to work on stress reduction. She knows I'm a type A. She said she plans to work there for 5 or 6 more years and she doesn't want to see me back there as a patient again. She said I clearly have alot going on and I need to learn to change my perspective on some things and learn to react to others in a more reasonable manner. I told her that I have worked on quite a bit but recognized I had a long way to go. I told her our Rabbi is visiting us in about a week and a half to talk to Rachel and I about how to make our relationship with ourselves, each other and our kids more manageable and enjoyable. She got me thinking. Maybe I'm not doing enough. After all, a woman who spends 30 minutes with me a week seems to recognize that I have disproportionate reactions to things. Guess I have more work to do.

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